Why we are rebranding

When we first started naming our company “psii.rehab”, we did not anticipate to be expanding beyond Austria, let alone beyond the German speaking markets in Europe. Talking to therapists, clinics and other partners in the UK, France, Australia and the United States, we quickly realized how hard it is to pronounce “psii” for people outside of Austria and Germany.

As we would like to prevent any further tongues from twisting, we are happy to announce that we are renaming our company to Rewellio, which works so much better in so many languages!

Coming up with a new name

As you may imagine, coming up with a new company name is not an easy task these days as it has to meet so many criteria including being easy to remember and the availability of the domain name. And of course, we wanted the name to have a meaning as well – a meaning for our therapists, stroke patients and healthcare community, so here it goes:


RE = “again”

WELL = as in being WELL

IO = input / output, the underlying principle of our therapy methods

We hope you like it ;)

New website

Along side of the rebranding effort, we have also taken the opportunity to bring our corporate and website design to the next level. Chances are, if you are reading this blog post, you are probably doing so on our all new website which we launched recently including new copy, photos, videos, icons and now also including our new name and logo.

We truly hope you like what you see and that Rewellio will become an easy to remember brand for you going forward.

As always, thanks for your support and for spreading the word to the stroke rehabilitation community. Let’s make people’s lives better.


Your Rewellio team !