We realize the above photo might be a bit deceiving, we have not conquered the world just yet. However, this is actually showing our new US office in Los Angeles, where we have set up our Rewellio Inc. entity – and one (!) desk so far ;)

To support our activities in North America, working with various research organisations, rehabilitation centers and forward thinking physical therapists and stroke patients, we felt the need to set ourselves up for the long-term by creating this physical presence.

Providing access to efficient and patient centric therapy methods utilizing the latest technologies at a low cost for everyone in need on a global basis is and will always be our goal. We very much look forward to working in this unique healthcare system offering tremendous opportunity and helping the approx. 800,000 stroke victims per year in the United States to get back to their normal lives.

If you are a therapist, patient or researcher interested in Rewellio’s rehabilitation platform, please reach out to us