As some of you might have seen it on rewellio’s Twitter and Facebook accounts already, we had a phenomenal couple of days at the European Neuro Convention in Birmingham last week. As we arrived in the UK the day before the event, our luggage was filled with plenty of iPads, Virtual Reality headsets and even more consumer electronic devices making us wonder what it would be like to enter customs in the UK after Brexit. Luckily, the UK parliament is still debating on this so we could enter the country without any issues at all and focus on preparing for the big conference and exhibition starting the next day. Beside the plenty of gadgets, we had an even more exciting goody in our bags: The first publicly available version of the rewellio app! Yes, this is a big one for us and we are thrilled to share it with you now on Apple’s App Store and Google Play for your iPads and Android tablets respectively.

The rewellio booth experience

It is one thing to be developing the next therapy exercise or to be testing the latest Virtual Reality device in our lab at the office in Salzburg, however, it is a radically different thing when the gates of a convention in Birmingham open in the morning and crowds of therapists, neurological researchers, industry media and stroke recovery patients aim for your 9 square meter booth – wow! The countless conversations gave us insights into the stroke therapy space in the UK and helped us establish relationships with a number of rehabilitation clinics keen to test rewellio with their very own patients. We are looking forward to equipping a selected group of partners with our software/hardware package to establish feedback cycles with the goal of improving our software and app and preparing it for commercial launch later this year. The current version of the rewellio app will continue to be available at no cost for now, but for a limited time only.

What is included in this early version of the rewellio app?

Rewellio’s goal is to reinvent stroke rehabilitation. We know that’s a very big goal, but with this release we have established the app and therefore a platform to build and expand on. The functionality of this early version of the rewellio app focuses on hand therapy with a number of exercises included while utilizing either the biosignalsplux EMG-biofeedback sensor or the Myo armband for those who already have it (the Myo armband can no longer be purchased). The EMG-Biofeedback therapy module is designed to detect the slightest signals from the brain to the hand, which would not be visible otherwise. These optically imperceptible muscle activities can be amplified and shown by a virtual hand on the screen, whether that’s on the tablet screen or the optional VR screen. This positive visual feedback may be crucial to gain active movement back into the hand and arm, more details and download links here.

Innovation of the year award

It is no secret that awards make you happy. Again, this was the case when the jury of the European Neuro Convention decided to include rewellio in a pristine group of companies being recognized for their innovation. Awards like this make us proud and are a great way to say thank you to our team, who has worked so hard in recent months to get us to where we are as a company today. Congratulations, you are awesome!