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EMG Biofeedback reinvented

Rewellio’s goal is to support hardware that is not only well suited for its therapeutic objectives, but also easily available and affordable. This applies for the VR headsets as well as the EMG-biofeedback devices. For our EMG-biofeedback module we are currently offering two options. While biosignalxplux may be better suited for professional use in clinical environments, the myo armband is chosen often for personal home use.

New Methods New Possibilities

EMG Biofeedback

The EMG-Biofeedback therapy module is designed to detect the slightest signals from the brain to the hand, which would not be visible otherwise. These optically imperceptible muscle activities can be amplified and shown by a virtual hand on the screen, whether that’s on the tablet screen or the optional VR screen.



Hardware Options

Myo – Armband

recommend for home use

The Myo armband has been discontinued by the manufacturer, however, as you may still have it, rewellio supports this device in combination with an Apple iPad or an Android tablet

“We are working on an
alternative! Stay tuned”.


recommend for Therapists

The Biosignalsplux EMG biofeedback sensors can be purchased directly from the manufacturer here. Rewellio supports Biosignalsplux hardware in combination with an Android tablet.


New Methods New Possibilities

Hand therapy with Virtual Reality

The Virtual Reality module combines a visual 3D xperience with hand tracking technology and opens up a whole new spectrum of possibilities. It creates a therapy setting that is motivating, intensity-adjusted, task-oriented, intuitive and interactive. Building on the traditional mirror therapy concept, rewellio in VR provides fun games and challenges to stimulate the reconnection of the affected brain areas. The sensors in the VR headset make it possible to capture the patient’s improvement precisely helping the therapist to recommend the best possible therapy modules at any given stage. VR can be used independently and also in combination with the above EMG-biofeedback module.

More about EMG Biofeedback VR


Rewellio app subscription

Rewellio’s goal is to enable more and better therapy time for a faster and more enjoyable self-empowered recovery process. We do this by providing a subscription-based pricing model allowing you to use rewellio as much as you like and as long as needed.



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Therapies and Products

System Requirements

EMGBioiOS iPadAndroid Tablet

*iOS 11 or higher – Android 7 or higher | Available in Austria, Germany, England, USA.