Motivation and Progress

Stay active and enjoy your recovery

We mean it when we say: Recovery is a journey, rewellio is your partner. Yes, every recovery takes time.
You might struggle with your motivation, optimism and strength, but please keep up the good work.

Watch your progress


We can assure you that even very little progress is progress. We make sure to collect all your results and provide you with an easy-to-read summary that shows you exactly what you have achieved so far.

New Methods New Possibilities

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Strong Policies

We keep your data safe

All training data is stored securely in the cloud and is only connected to your patient account. This gives you full control over your data. You can share your data with selected therapists and revoke their access at any time.

Rewellio complies with the laws of data protection in EU, USA, CANADA, and Australia.
For further information read up our Privacy Policy on our website

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