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Optional EMG Devices for Hand Module

Myo – Armband

recommend for home use

The Myo armband has been discontinued by the manufacturer, however, as you may still have it, rewellio supports this device in combination with an Apple iPad or an Android tablet

“We are working on an
alternative! Stay tuned”.


recommend for Therapists

The Biosignalsplux EMG biofeedback sensors can be purchased directly from the manufacturer here. Rewellio supports Biosignalsplux hardware in combination with an Android tablet.


Prepare the hardware

Rewellio can be downloaded on any iOS or Android tablet. To take full advantage of the EMG- Biofeedback Exercises you need some equipment to track your movements. Here are the hardware options that rewellio currently supports:

EMGBio Apple iOS iPad Android Tablet
biosignalsplux -

*iOS 11 or higher – Android 7 or higher | Available in Austria, Germany, England, USA.

Rewellio & Oculus quest

We are proud to offer the full rewellio experience for all the oculus quest users out there.

Buy from oculus

Using EMGBiofeedback VR also requires additional hardware.

Start your training

Ready when you are! Each exercise comes with a short tutorial, nevertheless we recommend you try out every exercise with your therapist first.

Follow your progress

Are you ready to check out your improvements? Motivation is the key to recovery, so of course we show you how far you’ve come:

You can access your progress in your dashboard and share your data with your therapist to make sure your developments are in line with your recovery plan.

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Rewellio’s goal is to enable more and better therapy time for a faster and more enjoyable self-empowered recovery process. We do this by providing a subscription-based pricing model allowing you to use rewellio as much as you like and as long as needed.



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