Concentration and Cognition

Train your brain

Rewellio offers multiple exercises to train your concentration and cognition after a stroke or brain injury. Cognitive training can be particularly challenging and requires a lot of effort and motivation. But don’t worry, we will guide you through that phase and make sure you enjoy the exercises we have developed for you. Give yourself time to adapt to the new situation and a chance to reactivate your learning skills. Concentration is not something you can demand from your body and mind but rather something that will grow with every challenge you face. We have assembled some exercises that help you reorganize your brain, improve your learning skills and keep you motivated.

Sample Exercises

Concentration & Cognition

One, two, three:

Counting and calculate trains your attention span, cognitive flexibility, concentration and other cognitive abilities.

Memorize it:

Classic memory games train your short-term memory.

Remember it:

Try to remember items out of a changing pool.

Set the time right:

Convert from digital to analog time

It’s a numbers game:

Convert numbers to pictures and count them


Track your progress

Every accomplishment and development is tracked to help you monitor your progress in your dashboard.

We encourage you to share your results and progress with your therapist.
Together you can adjust your recovery plan according to your development making sure you achieve the best possible outcome.

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