New Methods New Possibilities

Rewellio is your partner in need.

Rewellio was inspired by many stroke patients and their individual recovery journeys. Each journey is different but every patient benefits from additional therapy time. Rewellio’s goal is to assist the therapist at the clinic, hospital or rehabilitation center in addition to giving the patient extra and independent therapy time at home. Rewellio provides a stroke rehabilitation software platform accessible through the rewellio app. Using simple and mobile devices rewellio builds on proven and new rehabilitation methods with the aim of more and better therapy time for a faster and more enjoyable self-empowered recovery process.

Rewellio Therapy Solution

rewellio app

The rewellio app is the quick and easy way for both therapists and patients to access dozens of exercises for arm and hand rehabilitation. Simply download rewellio to your iPad or Android tablet to get started with our first public version of the app.

New Methods New Possibilities

EMG Biofeedback reinvented

The EMG-Biofeedback therapy module is designed to detect the slightest signals from the brain to the hand, which would not be visible otherwise. These optically imperceptible muscle activities can be amplified and shown by a virtual hand on the screen, whether that’s on the tablet screen or the optional VR screen.


New Methods New Possibilities

Hand therapy with Virtual Reality

Immersive VR in combination with hand tracking capabilities allows for very efficient therapy methods. Building on the traditional mirrow therapy concept, rewellio in VR provides fun games and challenges to stimulate the reconnection of the affected brain areas. The sensors in the VR headset make it possible to capture the patient’s improvement precisely helping the therapist to recommend the best possible therapy modules at any given stage.


New Methods New Possibilities

EMG Biofeedback reinvented

Fortunately, stroke rehabilitation has come a long way in the past few decades and the chances of recovery are better today than they have ever been before. Rewellio is further pushing the envelope by building on top of proven therapy concepts such us mirror therapy for example and by creating entirely new therapy tools through new software and hardware technology. Here are some of the reasons why rewellio might be right for you.

Easy and fun
with rehabilitation games

rewellio’s interface and usability makes every therapy session enjoyable. Motivation is the key to success: rewellio’s playful game concepts entertain and motivate the patients during intense exercise units and create a positive and empowering recovery experience.

Independent training
with mobile devices

rewellio can be used everywhere and at any time.
With rewellio patients and caretakers can initiate rehab sessions wherever they are and are no longer dependent on rehab facilities.

Capture every move
with sensor fusion

rewellio is designed to capture and measure every progress in the patient’s journey to recovery. Modern consumer electronic devices are equipped with very sensitive sensors that track progress and enable rewellio to provide more granular rehabilitation methods by using bio feedback.

with consumer electronics

rewellio can be used everywhere and on many different devices.
The rewellio app runs with many devices including Smartphones, Tablets, Virtual Reality as well as Augmented Reality (soon) headsets in addition to EMG-Biofeedback armbands.

Track progress
with the patient engine

rewellio’s patient engine captures the state of disability and measures the patient’s progress. This information//The collected data is only used to generate optimised therapy modules and sessions and to create the best possible recovery journey.

Therapy for all
with low cost equipment

rewellio takes advantage of the recent technological achievements and innovations. Consumer electronic devices like AR and VR headsets, tablets and smartphones are affordable and the only therapy hardware you need for your therapy with rewellio.

Stories from Patients

Gregg is rewellio’s first ambassador
in the United States

Rewellio has already crossed the Atlantic to work with pilot customers, therapists and clinics to make its stroke rehabilitation platform available to the approximately 800,000 people, who experience a stroke in the United States every year. Gregg is now using Rewellio’s EMG biofeedback software module regularly at his therapy clinic. Gregg and his family were one of the many families that were taken by surprise when he experienced a major stroke in 2017. When it happened, he was 49 and living in Houston, Texas with his wife Dawn and eleven year old son Kai.

Gregg was working on his fishing boat, flushing the engines and doing some maintenance. “Gregg doesn’t ever sit still”, his wife Dawn explains to us. He was actually due to meet his son Kai and his wife in North Carolina right after he would finish his work, however, that was when he endured a massive ischemic stroke, resulting in the loss of 90% of his left hemisphere.

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Rewellio was developed out of a need. The need for a better therapy for stroke patients.
As a physiotherapist, our co-founder Georg has been treating patients for over 10 years, his knowledge about IT & app development helped him create rewellio for you. This is only the beginning, stay tuned for more updates & developments that will change the way stroke recovery works:

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