New Methods, New Possibilities

Rewellio is your partner in need.

Rewellio was inspired by countless stroke patients and their individual recovery journeys. Each journey is different but every patient benefits from additional therapy time. Rewellio supports therapists at their clinic, hospital or rehabilitation center and enables the patient to perform his/her therapy independently at home – or both.

Using the latest technology

Stroke therapy with Virtual Reality

Rewellio relies on immersive Virtual Reality (VR) in combination with hand tracking to stimulate the reconnection of the affected brain areas. Based on the traditional mirror therapy concept rewellio in VR provides fun games and challenges to improve arm movement and visual attention.

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Use the device you already have

rewellio app

Easy to use mobile devices are all you need to work with rewellio. Dozens of rehabilitation exercises are provided in the app enabling you to create your own recovery journey.

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Indications and applications

What can be improved with rewellio?





Rewellio is made for you

New methods, new possibilities

Easy to use

Easy and affordable consumer electronics (tablet, smartphone, VR headsets)

Independent training

Rewellio can be used anywhere and anytime.

Track your progress

Therapy recommendations based on your personal condition and progress

Friendly & fun

Rewellio’s interface and usability makes every therapy session enjoyable.


Certified for you

Our goal is to develop and provide the most effective stroke therapy products and your health and safety are our number one concerns.
This is why we aim to meet the highest standards and certifications required for each country or region before we enter any market. Rewellio is already certified in the United States (FDA), Europe (CE) and most recently also in Canada.

Stories from patients

Gregg is rewellio’s first ambassador
in the United States

Rewellio has already crossed the Atlantic to work with pilot customers, therapists and clinics to make its stroke rehabilitation platform available to the approximately 800,000 people, who experience a stroke in the United States every year. Gregg is now using Rewellio’s EMG biofeedback software module regularly at his therapy clinic. Gregg and his family were one of the many families that were taken by surprise when he experienced a major stroke in 2017. When it happened, he was 49 and living in Houston, Texas with his wife Dawn and eleven year old son Kai.

Gregg was working on his fishing boat, flushing the engines and doing some maintenance. “Gregg doesn’t ever sit still”, his wife Dawn explains to us. He was actually due to meet his son Kai and his wife in North Carolina right after he would finish his work, however, that was when he endured a massive ischemic stroke, resulting in the loss of 90% of his left hemisphere.

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Rewellio’s goal is to enable more and better therapy time for a faster and more enjoyable self-empowered recovery process. We do this by providing a subscription-based pricing model allowing you to use rewellio as much as you like and as long as needed.

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Our Mission and Goal

Built on experience

Rewellio was developed out of a need. The need for a better therapy for stroke patients.
Our co-founder Georg has been treating stroke patients as a professional physiotherapist for over 10 years. His previous software development background was essential to building the rewellio platform. What you see here today is only the beginning, so please subscribe to our newsletter to get updated on our progress and our mission of reinventing stroke rehabilitation:

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Rewellio is supported by renowned Research & Development and Growth Partners